Oriental care ceremony

Listen to the music of water, be washed under a scented cloud of soap foam – free your mind and fly away from your everyday cares. Forget time, arrive, be at one with yourself and simply enjoy.


The oriental care ceremony uses various muds to cleanse, exfoliate and care for your skin, making it soft and smooth. Be enchanted by the scent of wonderful herbs and experience a completely new body sensation!

With subsequent cream pack in the floating recliner.

Pampering duration 60 minutes: 90.00 €

Floating Recliner

Enjoy our floating recliner combined with a hydromassage – just perfect for that little
relaxation when you don’t have much time. You lie on our floating recliner, which gently rocks while heated by the cosy temperature beneath it. You feel 38° Celsius warm water without your skin coming into contact with it. Combined with the hydromassage,
we guarantee you will enjoy the maximum relaxation.

With delicate algae pack with mineralisation and moisturising treatment.

Pampering duration 40 minutes: 70.00 €