Welcome to our year of jubilee

High up on the Hoyerberg scenic lookout, idyllically located in the middle of old apple orchards, there was once an old cabinetmaker’s workshop. Precisely 25  years ago, this charming place inspired Sonja and Reine Fischer to realise their vision: a small hotel villa named VILLINO.  

Over the years, gradually growing and always dedicated to  premium quality, this grew into an exquisite hotel with the  style  of a Mediterranean country house and an amazing  cuisine known far and wide for its creativity. With their inexhaustible creative talent, both founders created a little  piece of paradise in the form of Villino, on the shore of Lake  Constance.

“We regard the fact that we are able to celebrate VILLINO's 25th birthday in 2017 as an acknowledgement of our guests and an applause for our commitment. We would like to thank everyone very much for this”.